Safe water anywhere

Smart Modulair Ultrafiltration System

The Watermiracle+ is the ideal solution for permanent or mobile installations for emergency back-up, events and work sites.

The Watermiracle+® is a modular water treatment unit, based on membrane technology and smart engineering. Where other systems clog, the Watermiracle+ will always deliver, due to the smart flux regulator.

No direct need for regular maintenance: the Watermiracle is equipped with auto flushing pre-filter(s) and membrane module(s). Periodic chemical cleanings can be done with “household chemicals” as bleach and cleaning acid. This cleanings can be easily performed with the use of self-priming chemical dosing hose.

Depending on the needs, the Watermiracle+ can be equipped with several add-ons for feed supply and post-treatment, such as activated carbon, ultraviolet (UV) and/or any post-disinfection package.

The system will be delivered “Ready for Use” built on a hot dipped galvanized, all necessary controls for automatic and regular cleaning of the filter elements



  1. Smart controller, intelligent flux regulator, auto adjusts to inlet water quality
  2. Easy adjustable PLC software
  3. Auto flushing pre-filter
  4. Auto flushing membrane
  5. Chemical cleaning option with self-priming chemical dosing hose.
  6. Modular system: expandable up to 6 membrane modules
  7. Optional feed supply and post-treatment unit


Technical data

Dimensions Model A
Up to 3 modules 1200 x 1200 x 2200 mm  
Dimensions Model B
Up to 3 modules 1200 x 2400 x 2200 mm
Power supply
Electrical supply, Generator
Type of filtration
Power consumption
100 – 300 Watt (without add-ons)
Inlet connection
Pressurized feed (25 – 3 barg) or feed supply unit
Operational temp. max.
Ambient temperature
0 – 40°C
Permeate water flow
Max. 20 m³/h