When no safe drinking water is available, the Smartbox© is the ultimate solution. Water purification from nearly every source, as ponds, rivers and lakes. Smartbox®, a lifesaving solution for rescuers, servicemen and survivalists all over the world. The Smartbox© is a portable water treatment unit, based on membrane technology and smart engineering. Where other systems clog, the Smartbox® will always deliver, due to the smart flux regulator.
No direct need for external power sources: the Smartbox® is able to supply up to 20 hours with one, exchangeable battery pack. During purification the foldable solar panel (option) or other external power sources, can recharge the battery.


  1. Smart controller, auto adjusts to imlet water quality
  2. Smart powet: solar, car adaptor
  3. Auto flushinh pre-filter
  4. Self-priming pump

Technical Data 

Dimensions 1.050 x 600 x 400mm (L x W x H)
Power consumption ca. 25 Watt
Power supply Solar
  Car adaptor
  110V - 230V
  Exchangeable battery pack
Inlet hose 8 metres
Max. pump suctiom height 2 metres
Quality of inte water Free from oil and grease



  1. Water quality meets WHO standards
  2. Safe water in remote areas
  3. Optimal rejection of bacteria and viruses
  4. User friendly operation
  5. Decentralized water units for base camps/emergency hospitals