From rainwater to drinking water

Drop2Drink unit - Drinking water from rainwater

Rainwater is an excellent water source which anyone can use. You just have to catch and capture it. Harvesting rainwater is beneficial because it reduces demand on existing drinking water supply. It can be used for nearly any purpose.

With the Drop2Drink unit you produce your own drinkwater. The intelligent treatment system ensures 100% microbiologically safe water. The rainwater is purified with a microfilter, active carbon filter, membrane filter (UF) and UV unit. All in one step.

The membrane filter is selfcleaning and constantly monitors its own functioning. The quality of your water is therefor guaranteed. But a UV unit provides additional microbiological purification. That means double security.

Press at the flow simulation to see how it works.

Technical data Drop2Drink unit Excellent 20l/min

Applications Unsafe tap water Power supply 230 V Ac/50-60Hz
  Rainwater Power consumption 40W
Multistage filtration Microfiltration at 50µ Sizes 1.200 x 550 x 450mm (H x W x D)
  Active carbon Connections In- and outlet: 1"
  Ultrafiltration at 0,01µ   Waste water connections: 1/2"
  UVC-unit 30W Empty weight 29kg
Safety controls Automatic forward and backward flush Control device Settings and monitoring
  Integrity check on membrane breakage   Internet connection possible
Flow 20 or 30 l/min (1,2 or 1,8 m³/h)   USB port possible
Pressure Minimum pressure 2,5 bar    
  Maximum pressure 6 bar    
  Pressure los 1,5 bar    



  1. Microbiologically safe water from rainwater
  2. Daily integrity check on membranes
  3. You can become independent and self-sufficient, run your entire household on rainwater
  4. The unit is plug & play, easy to install, use and maintain