Water sources run empty

Water scarcity

In 2010 the United Nations declared water as a human right: every human being has a right to clean drinking water. But it is not as easy as that. According to the World Economic Forum water scarcity will become one of the largest global risks that will affect human daily life in the upcoming decades. This is caused by climate change and human behavior.
The OECD and World Resources Institute forecast that in 2040 most of the world has to deal with water scarcity. See the figure for the visual representation of this forecast. 
There is a distinction between economical and physical water scarcity. Physical water scarcity is a larger human demand for clean water than nature can supply. Economical water scarcity is caused by poor water infrastructure and unequal distribution of clean water. 
Water scarcity is caused by:
  • The drying out of clean water recourses due to large human consumption
  • Pollution of clean water resources due to human behavior
  • Climate change
  • Unequal balance of power
Self-sufficiency in water usage plays an important role in an integral solution for water scarcity. D2D Water Solutions developed the Drop2Drink with the vision of self-sufficiency in water usage. The unit makes it possible for people to harvest rainwater and purify it into safe drinking water.
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